For it will be


Don’t let yourself fall over the edge,

Don’t let yourself slip into silence,

Don’t close your eyes in front of the stars,

Don’t leave your heart broken on the ground

But if you do, it doesn’t matter,

Don’t listen to the noise, the chatter,

Pull out this cold, invisible wedge,

Get up again and find your balance,

Give time to heal to your new scars,

Keep hope live, in your chest feel it pound,

Oh friend, take your time, gather your strength,

Walk, I know you can go the whole length;

Remember, happen whatever may,

In this huge world you are not alone,

Though you may feel lost in this unknown

Home is never very far away…


Don’t let good or bad prevent you from reaching your goals or take you down for good for, whatever you believe will happen or whatever may happen in reality, it will be as it is and you will have to deal with life.

For it will be…

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