Mr. Sadman


I am so tired of hiding my feelings,

So tired of aimlessly running around,

So tired of shuffling on uneven ground,

Of holding back my hand during dealings,

Of playing with old and faded mirrors

Of letting roam around all my terrors,

Tis all burden I can bear, the last straw,

So now here it is friend, here it comes raw,

All I keep inside, hide behind my heart,

The dam’s breaking, it will soon come apart,

I don’t care… Let run the salty waters,

And the valley shall be flooded in tears!

For letting go of all those stupid fears

Is what’s important, is all that matters…

No, I am not happy, to say the least,

This sadness is my daily companion,

An unknown, savage yet strangely tamed beast

Lurking in twilight of a steep canyon,

Melancholy is my soft sheet at night

And regret is my only guiding light,

Oh can you not see, oh can you not tell

The truth of what I feel for you, sweet lass?

Yes, I know, friend, I know all will be well,

Yes, I know, friend, in the end it will pass,

At the very end, when all is over…

But at this moment, now, it is not so,

I know not why I picked this green clover

But, as they say, you must reap what you sow;

My world crumbles, it feels like it’s ending,

I have no more strength, I feel like bending,

Surrender to the power of my fate

And be crushed under the wheel of my hate…


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