I have a word


I have a word upon my tongue

I have a world for which I long,

A million letters together strung

To make a tale powerful and strong

A tale of life and adventure,

A tale of deep friendship and love,

Oh one that would many hearts capture,

And one that would fit me like a glove,

But despite my greatest effort,

In a struggle against myself,

I am unable to leave this fort

Built out of all my lost time itself,

If only I could sing this song

Aloud without hesitation

Or, yet, simply murmur it along

Without giving in to temptation

Of stepping back in the shadow,

Of painting life out of silence,

Perhaps I could share this small, warm glow

And somehow grow out of the balance…


Not my favorite in what I wrote lately, but it still somehow speaks to me in a way…

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