The shallow deep


Tonight there are no words,

No song, no little birds,

Only the wind, the sky

And the stars up so high.

There is no deep meaning,

No secret to be found,

No lore to be gleaning,

Only this quiet sound,

Alone, omnipresent

Into the world around,

A silence quite pleasant

Despite not all profound.

What I mean is listen,

Look around and just feel,

Let your lone eyes glisten

And your heart slowly peel

Away all those layers

Revealing your true self

To these other players

Instead of keeping closed

Or tucked high on a shelf

And live on what’s supposed…

I know it’s no science,

I know you may be shy,

All I say is “Please try

For once to experience…”


Pour mieux nager, il faut savoir perdre pied…

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