I find that waiting is the most difficult thing to do in life

Especially when you are expecting something to happen,

It can feel like ember burning under your skin or a sharp knife

That would plunge into your flesh, or hunger : you feel you senses sharpen

Like never before, you see the world fly by, yet time passes slowly,

Slower than a moment, like a second stretched to a century,

And yet in this earthly miracle there is nothing holy

For it is like being alive and knowing who they bury

But not being able to move a muscle or utter a shout

For fear that you would turn yourself into a thousand broken shards

And thus shatter the fragile equilibrium of the world about,

It is like playing a solitary and endless game of cards

With a deck full of aces of dark spade and bloody queens of heart

And you are the dealer so you know all the draws and their grey colour,

See how the world gets you ever closer, and yet you are apart,

See how your soul takes you so far away, and yet there is dolor,

Thus are the mighty tides of time against which your ship is battling

Older than the world itself and yet as ageless as the sea,

Feel it in your core, feel it in your chest, the lively drum rattling,

Count every beat, every raindrop, until there is no more to see.


And when the entire mountain is chiseled away,

the first second of eternity will have passed.

Not as I expected/intended at first and slightly late but here for you to enjoy! ;)

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