The moment


The moment is coming and you are not ready,

The moment is coming as sure as night hides day,

The moment is coming and you can no more stay,

Oh I can feel your hand, it is still unsteady,

You have to steel your heart, you have to ice your soul,

Or it will be stolen and as a dying star

It will collapse on itself, leaving a deep scar,

Not with a bang, but a whimper, birthing a hole

So dark and deep that time itself shall be swallowed,

And not even this land, your body shall call home

And your resting spirit shall forever more roam,

May be saved from this, may be again hallowed…

The moment is coming, the moment of the choice,

The moment is coming sure as day kisses night,

The moment is coming and you must show your might,

Steel your heart, ice your soul and trust in your own voice!


Tell me, why did you run away? Nobody runs for so small a reason…

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