Iron rusts away


What shall become of chains?

You may ask,

What of these bitter pains

Hind the mask?

What of these hideous scars?

What meaning

Is given to those bars


True, these hardships may

Destroy you,

But iron rusts away,

So will you,

Chains shatter, bars crumble,

And they fade,

And matter will stumble

On the blade,

Oh remember that rust

In the wind

Scatters just like old dust,

Yet beats twinned

Still echo in a heart

That is lost,

And all beautiful art

Has a cost,

The meaning is yours to give,

Yours to draw,

For the life is yours to live,

In the raw,

Look pain into the eye,


What’s dead may never die,

But ember

May always be revived

With a breath,

Relish that you survived

But love death.


Not quite clear that one. There’s a message in there, somewhere, I know it. Do you?

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