I am fine, I am okay,

I promise life is not grey,

I just happen to be sad

From time to time, some lone nights,

But I swear it’s not too bad

For I have my faithful knights:

Imagination and hope

By my side, always ready,

To give smile and company

As I climb this gentle slope;

There is not much you can do

For I, myself, am beyond,

Show me love but keep words few

For it is enough to bond,

Or make them shine and fly high,

Let them rain down in sandflakes

For, as hard as we may try,

Too much pressure and it breaks.

This is no exact science,

I just need calm and patience

And it will pass in due time,

In the end the bells will chime

And the skies will clear again,

The sun will rise bright and warm,

Its rays rusting away pain,

And reveal once more the charm

Of all I hold in my hands,

So, my friend, trust me I say,

So long as poetic stands

In the end I’ll be okay.


Space changes but time is set;

There are moments such as these

That you cannot fight or seize

And you simply have to let…

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