We are like night and day,

We are like day and night,

We stumble as we may,

We fumble as we might,

Heat melts away distance

And it blends in a dance

Of threads of steamy sighs

Somewhere along your thighs,

Oh the fruit has been bit

Opening wide the doors

And flooding through the pores

Lights that used to be lit,

I can hear tongues unknown

Rolling about your lips,

Those soft, rosy singers;

Through techniques of his known

Tracing along the tips,

Paintbrush in the fingers

Oh creating some own

Rendition of the hips,

There the artist lingers,

The actors have blended

Into their greatest acts

Not until it’s ended

Will cease the sweet contacts,

When the nectar of life

Rolls thunder cuts as knife,

Even the brightest stars

Burn dimmer than all ours.


On sheets are drawn the greatest pieces.

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