Glints of acid


She dances, though not for them,

Gracefully and skillfully,

And from this such great strengths stem,

A forged softness, painfully,

She dances not for others,

Oh the sake is purely hers,

For the simple joy of life

Endlessly she turns and twirls,

Faithfully she jumps in whirls,

All is shared with her soul wife,

The bright smiles and the loud laughs,

The sad frowns and tearful weeps,

The blisters and the small coughs,

The failures in boundless heaps,

Sometimes she runs and she shouts

When there simply are no outs,

When her groans are desperate calls,

When she stumbles and she falls,

Oh the eyes are not the worst,

She has long learned to close hers,

No the pain comes from the first

Still too far from her fingers,

Yet she cannot remain still,

She can never have her fill,

The passion is in her veins

And the steps break all the chains,

They may throw poisonous stings,

They may whisper in the dark,

They may mock her for her lack,

But an angel’s broken wings

Need only a single spark

To ever keep growing back.


What a feeling! ♪

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