The one that doesn’t last


“I’m sorry I can’t resist,”

Says the young amorous man,

“So sorry, I can’t desist

Those feelings are now helmsman

Of my soul and my body

And as they steer my spirit,

As they tear, tear by tear, it

Feels as if the great Gaudi

Himself has, out of pure haze,

Designed this wonderous maze

Into which looking feels right

Where he trapped your profound gaze

And a thousand and one star

Into an ever deep night,

For the more I move afar

The sharper is the altar

Upon which in another

Life we swore, we, together,

To the last word from the first

That for better or for worst

We would keep the flame alight,

That we wouldn’t let it die,

But alas we came to fight,

Produced one too many sigh

Leading to a cold goodbye,

Oh! See you how we’ve lost sight,

How we gave in to the lie?!

Have we made it to this height

Only to forget to fly?

These are but children of fright!

Please give us another try…”


     Hour 5.

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