Untitled by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Soar Vandergeid


He took the Hobbits whereabout was Bedlam’s

Countessant residence – a feast was hosted!

And when came the morrow all-about were exhausted

Remarkable happiness had they – honourable respect!

Guests whom the night cannot hold down, –

I cheer thusly towards the success of your quest!


Не этих ивовых плавающих ветвей
Касаюсь истово — а руки твоей!

Для всех в томленье славщих твое подьезд —
Земная женщина, мне же — небесный крест!

Тебе одной ночами кладу поклоны, —
И все твоими очами глядят иконы!

Untitled” by Marina Tsvetaeva, the original poem

(only the second half, which was all that was presented to me)

[The complete poem with translation]


I do not speak Russian, this is not an actual translation of the poem. The exercise – as the first draft of this poem was first written during a poetic creative writing class – was not to understand the original poem, rather to feel its structure and it’s rhythm, in order to create a translation. Here is what it inspired to me, I hope you enjoy it.

The only reason I added the original poem is to give you an idea of what it looked like to me and a means of comparison with my production. I did not write it, it does not belong to me and I do not wish to take any advantage of it by posting it on this website other than that of showing you what inspired me. Thank you for your understanding.

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