That which is


There are words that are said in the silence of the night

Silent words, fire words,

Words that would ashen any man’s heart,

Words that would crumble an Empire

If uttered before the great tenebra,

Though when all souls have passed the pale threshold

Of the kingdom of the Moon

Along the lifeless lake, in the quiet hour,

When battles are silenced and men’s hearts lay still,

When the soft brushing of a drop against skin

Resonates up to the highest heavens and down to the deepest hells,

In those moments of emptiness

As quiet as they are lone,

There are words,

Ancient words, iron words,

Words such as the earth has never born before,

Word before dawn, before clay, before dust,

Beware of those words

For they forget and they betray

And may never repair that there which has been torn,

Words of madness, words of wisdom,

Strange and eternal, lies though never dead.


We are more than we are, we are one.

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