Random poetry

I said earlier that perhaps I’d end up posting something today, I didn’t really believe that but here it is, an unnamed poem I started a long time ago.

Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how, I was looking through my old texts, most are not finished and I felt inspired byt this one. I didn’t expect to finish it, I don’t know if it’s good or what it means, but here is the complete version of this poem.

Enjoy! ;)

In light and darkness

For all will rust and wither away,

From dust to dust, from flesh to clay.

Never give in to the force at play,

Never let go or fly away.

White. Overswept by a blinding light,

All was drowned in this ray of hope ;

Souls, bodies, dreams, worries, none was left.

What had been, was, would be. No more.

Black. A thin dark veil, without a fight,

Fell on the world for man to grope,

And quite swiftly with its hands deft

Swallowed it all to nevermore.

Gods and demons in the world of man,

Looking for the meaning of his plan

For they all shall seek to understand

But very few be graced by his hand.

Darkness. A harsh, cold and silent lore

Leaving you all alone and bereft

An eternity alone to mope

Slowly robbing you of all your might.

Light. The pure emotion at its core

Healing, repairing, what had been cleft,

Flooding your heart and helping you cope,

Warm wind rising you to all new heights.

For all will rust and wither away,

From dust to dust, from flesh to clay.

If all must end, until comes that day,

True to your heart, always you must stay.


Edit 21/04/2016

Added a few missing caps, corrected the errors and added a title that I think fits.

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