A bit of poetry.



You. So bright and breathtaking, so beautiful and shimmering.

The sun of my nights, the moon of my days.

The one which I seek, the one I want to please.

Oh so happy am I with you, nothing else I desire.


Your bright warm smile and shining eyes,

Your soft hair of flowers, a musk to remember,

Frames the face of an angel from heaven come

And pushes away the nightmares that, from hell, rose.


Whatever I do, whatever I say, wherever I go

No matter what may come towards my way

Nothing can drive away the honey in my heart

My body, my mind, my soul are forever yours.


You are perfect, you are flawed, you are strong and yet fragile

You are near, you are far, you are here, you are not

You make may heart beat away all the seconds of my life

You make me love you always more, passion burning to my core.


And you make me want to drop it all, to love and fly away,

And… you… And you… I…

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