For your eyes and ears


She looks at me, I too look at her,

Her lips sensuous red, so are her eyes,

Oh things will never be as they were,

My heart broken from her muffled cries.

On her gentle face rolls a lone tear,

I’m trying but -useless- she won’t hear,

I feel helpless, simple bystander,

As if, of my very own body

I was but a helpless passenger;

All my words feel so very shoddy.

I can’t help but see her raw beauty

Or how strong she is in her weakness,

For in the midst of all this bleakness

She stands proud, fulfilling her duty.

She looks at me, I too look at her,

Her lips shake, I hear her voice waver,

Still she goes on, doesn’t hesitate

Despite the whole wide world she could hate.

As her head is filled with memories

Of joys, sadness and sometimes worries,

Still she goes on, no hesitation,

Dancing in the fires of passion.

She sings about happiness, past times,

Floating in these melancholy chimes.


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