I once had a good friend

Who one day went away

Into the dark of night

As dawn was approaching,

I know not what became

Of him after that day

But sometimes I listen

In the wind, on the sea,

To the murmurs of birds,

To the whispers of fish,

For what?, I cannot say,

I listen nonetheless

For something ages past,

For something that will last

But always it falls back

Down after rising up,

The red leaf floats onwards

On invisible streams

Of glory and passion

To the ends of the world

And even though I know

I can never follow

The light in my heart burns

As my lonely soul yearns,

Sometimes comes a young bird

Whose song I recognize

And I smile for a time

Feeling luck in my veins

And I let myself bask

In such warm and sweet dreams

However in the end

I know this for a fact

The bird will fly away

And all will be quiet

Under the setting sun,

And I feel not content

Rather enthusiastic

As if as Hercules

I could now tame the world,

Oh more than that ! As if

I could go row my boat

Along the clear river

For years and years and years

Until the wise stars rust

’til diamond turns into dust

Until your presence fades

Until not time remains

I move without moving,

I fly without flying,

Until I reach myself

In this quiet garden

Until, with slow steps, it

Starts all over again.

I once had a good friend

Who one day went his way

Into the dark of night

As dawn was approaching.


A poem without rhymes, is this real life? ._.

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