Your play

There is hope in my mind,

As well as in my heart,

That one day you will find

Your play, the perfect part,

Perhaps not as the king,

The princess or the knight,

But rather, trust your might,

As a human being,

Complete and full by far

Yet with endless defect

For practice makes perfect

But life will always scar,

There is a role for you

Out there, a line to say,

Whether it’s old or new,

It is for you to play,

So rush out with passion

For your own favored craft,

And give out compassion

Without being too daft,

But remember : to breathe

And patience are the keys,

Their swords the warriors sheath

Until they cut the breeze,

Those virtues are your gods,

They will lift any curse

If, no matter the odds,

That try to block your ways,

You stay true and rehearse

With honor and always.


He who acts does not waste.

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