Always, forever, without a shadow of a doubt

She knew, she knows, her feelings remain true

Yet why is it that she is just about

To feel the storm upon her cheeks

What is this dark and vain

Feeling her heart begins to reek?

What is this excruciating pain?

What is this cold sorrowful rue?

Riding on board a golden train

Towards a new mysterious land

Can she see it upon this plain

And into the rivers of her hand?

Is it over already

Before it had even begun?

Is it the end of the road?

Her adventure already done?

But the possibilities were so broad,

And to explore them all she was ready!

How can it end like this?

How can it be over?

A single short instant

Without even feeling the kiss

For her to be impotent

And to everything miss…


Another little experiment on my part (but aren’t they all?) which I don’t know how to feel about. Enjoy.

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