I am sorry to think of you in such a way.

That is a lie, you are a lovely mystery

I cannot help but gladly want to solve away,

At the sight, the simple thought; such sweet reverie…

You are such, my obsession. Wherefrom comes this sweet

Passion? I know not, from heart or mind or elsewhere?

I wish not to make you my own – I fear defeat –

How would I even dare hope to make you aware

Of what I think, of what I feel, of you, so fair…?

Your lively eyes, your playful hands, your fierce, bright hair,

Your sweet smile, melodious voice, your joyful presence;

To me you are a dream, a sweet evanescence,

An angel in my world, improbable beauty,

I don’t know what to think, I don’t know what to say

A simple word of you would make my whole world sway,

Welcome anomaly in my reality.


A musing.

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