It’s been a great ride for me. I truly hope it was for you too. Goodbye.

A police officer, a spaceman singer

And a dark professor all walk through a door.

Each with a smiling face, in their hearts no fear,

Each prepared for the ride that stops nevermore.


This sounds like the start of quite a dirty joke,

Written some years ago by a funny bloke,

Sadly though, as I wake, it is all too true,

To me, to them, all those left behind by you.


I will not cry for you, not cry my heart out…

I might cry. I might swear; damn, this is no fair.

But what is done, is done; ha, breathe in some air.


You’re gone, forever gone; I think I might shout.

No. Be strong, be happy; safe journey, you’re home.

A star, a snake, a cop ; do say hi for me.

Thank you and au revoir.

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